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We Work for You

CSI Telecommunications, Inc. is a multifaceted engineering firm specializing in fixed and mobile wireless network design and development.  Our experienced staff has planned, designed, specified, implemented, and verified performance for telecommunications systems throughout the United States.  We do not sell equipment or install it – we advocate for our clients from our initial needs assessment to final acceptance of the installation with vendors, government regulators, and installers to ensure that the system is implemented with full functionality on budget and on time.

Using industry-recognized standards, along with a thorough understanding of all governmental regulations that affect the design process, our engineers create and manage systems studies, designs, and specifications that are cost effective for both the present and the foreseeable future.  We remain at the forefront of new technology by participation in communication industry standard-setting committees and designing advanced systems for both voice and data applications.

CSI Telecommunications has vast experience in the concept, planning, design, project management, and implementation of complex Microwave, Fiber Optic, LAN/WAN, ATM, SONET, EMS Radio Systems, Conventional and Trunked Public Safety Radio Systems, and Mobile Data Communications Systems.  We have designed and overseen the relocation of both Public Safety and major Transportation Communications Centers, including E911 systems, and dispatch telephone systems.  We have developed instrumentation techniques to determine the quality of coverage of communications systems for both Broadcast Radio and Two-way Radio Systems.

Our engineers make extensive use of computer technology to access allocation databases and digitized terrain data, for CAD-system design and automated propagation studies.  We perform design work, government agency permitting, FCC license application engineering / frequency coordination, preparation of specifications, evaluations of proposals from vendors/installers, construction supervision, propagation analysis, measurements, testing, and operational reviews of:

  • Public Safety Critical Infrastructure Radio Systems
  • Wireless Communications and Two-way Communications Systems
  • In-building Wireless Distributive Antenna Systems
  • DC Power Systems Engineering
  • Microwave Systems
  • Electromagnetic Engineering and Analysis
  • Compliance with RF Exposure Standards
  • Interference Analysis and Resolution

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